HARIO V60 Pour Over Kit

HARIO V60 Pour Over Kit
42,00 лв.

Hario Pour Over Kit is an excellent solution for preparing pour-over style coffee. All the Hario products are designed and manufactured in Japan. They are produced in a very environmentally friendly way and boast a beautiful design. The plastic Hario V60 drip coffee device is known for its design. The shape, the spiraling contours on the inner surface and the large opening at the bottom allow you to influence the coffee’s taste even more. The coffee is conveniently brewed right over the server so that the finished coffee drips right into it. Additionally, you get 40 pieces of Hario V60 02 filters.
With this inexpensive kit, you can brew the most delicious filter coffee!


  • The Pour Over Kit includes 40 paper filters, a plastic V60 drip cone, and a glass server.
  • Beautiful, Japanese design.
  • Volume max. 700 ml.
  • The spiraling contours control the flow of the water and give the coffee room to brew.
  • Easy to use and care for.


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